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Google SEO Service Process

Inbound marketing is the key to ranking well in search engines. But, this strategy is unlikely to work well if the inbound marketing is not consistent with good on-page and on-site optimization.

At Google Search Engine Optimization our campaign starts with a full analysis of your market and existing website. This includes:

Initial Research

All of the website analysis activities are carried out in the first month of engagement. They include:

  • Keyword Research & Report

Successful marketing requires in-depth keyword analysis to determine the most suitable search phrases for your business. It’s crucial that we’re targeting and optimizing for relevant keywords that are actually being used by searchers.

KEYWORD SCAM: Do not be fooled by the quick first page ranking companies that promise to rank you quickly, but do so for a niche search term that’s rarely, if ever, searched.

Similarly, we do not want to target extremely competitive terms where your marketing budget is insufficient to move you to the first page of results.

During the keyword research phase of the project, we will investigate relevant search terms and report back to you with our recommendations on the best terms for you to target that will provide the maximum return on investment.

  • Competitive Analysis Report

Based on the chosen keywords, we will put together a complete competitor analysis and comparison report. For each competitor, we will look at:

    • On-Page Optimization – How good a job have your competitors done at optimizing their on-page elements for the target keyword search terms?
    • On-Site Optimization – Have your competitors correctly optimized their overall website elements to make them attractive to search engines?
    • Off-Site Optimization – An analysis of the links and link profile for your competitors.

We will then carry out the same analysis for your own site so that you can quickly see exactly where you stand relative to your competitors.

  • Technical Analysis & Report

This is a complete analysis of your existing website and your online market. Within this we will look at and report on items such as:

    • Current on-page and on-site optimization
    • Mobile Usability Check
    • Duplicate Content Check
    • Link Profile Analysis
    • Google Penalty Check
    • Cross Browser Compatibility Check
    • W3C Validation Check

On-Site Optimization

You may have heard that links to your website is the best thing to get you ranked well on search engines. While that is completely true, the chance of success is severely reduced if your website optimization is lacking. GSEO will fix that for you, including:

  • Page Optimization

Based on the keyword research and technical analysis, we will suggest and (if you can provide website access) carry out necessary page optimization to start your ranking improvement. This will include title tag optimization, meta-description optimization, headings optimization, canonicalization, image optimization and tags, hyperlinks optimization, and more.

Additionally, while improved ranking for relevant keyword search terms will generate increased website visitors, we also want those visitors to convert. Conversion means that the visitor will buy from your store, sign-up to your mailing list, download content, email you, call you, or whatever is deemed appropriate for your business. Therefore, we will also advise on any improvements to page layout, content, usability, and calls to action – all for better website conversion.

    • Title Tags Optimization
    • Meta-Description Optimization
    • Heading Tags Optimization
    • Canonicalization/301 Redirect
    • Image Optimization
    • Broken Link Checking
    • Hyperlink Optimization
    • URL Optimization (301 redirects)
    • Schema Markup Creation/Optmization
    • HTML Code Optimization
    • Page Content Optimization
  • Site Optimization

Good SEO does not just consider individual pages. While this is important, the overall site, internal link structure, load speed, mobile-friendly (to avoid penalty), and general user interface is important both for ranking and visitors.

    • Page Speed Check/Optimization
    • Mobile Site Check
    • Internal Linking Optimization
    • Robots.txt Check/Creation/Optimization
  • Website Setup

Before getting started with the ongoing marketing it’s important to ensure that the site gets setup and indexed in the major search engines, and that analytics is in place so that we can monitor visitors, where they’re from, and how they interact with the website.

    • Sitemap Check/Creation
    • Analytics Check/Creation
    • Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) Setup
    • Bing Webmaster Tools Setup

Ongoing Marketing

All of the above is absolutely necessary. However, as you’ve probably heard, the most important element for good ranking in search engines, especially Google, is your site popularity as represented by the quality and quantity of inbound links.

This should not be done in a haphazard way, but consist of quality sites that are designed to make people aware of your online presence and bring visitors as well as links.

Starting in the second month of any engagement, we will start the following activities.

  • Local Search Marketing

Even if you are not directly targeting the local market, it is still important to ensure that all of the local submission sites are in place. These provide the initial authenticity for your website. Some of these are also sites that are used for reviews (reputation marketing).

    • Google Business Page Check/Creation
    • Bing Local Listing Check/Creation
    • Citation Sites / NAP Syndication
    • Classifieds Submissions
    • Coupon Submissions
  • Social Marketing

Google has, for example, publically stated that Facebook Likes is not a ranking factor. However, a good social media presence goes far beyond just the link value. This is an important online area for you to engage and interact with your clients and potential clients.

    • Social Bookmarking
    • Google+ Setup
    • Facebook Account Setup
    • Twitter Account Setup
    • Social Media Posting
  • Content Marketing

Perhaps one of the best methods for outreach is through off-site content marketing. Although the execution can be complex, the process is simple – produce good quality content and post it either on your own site or elsewhere on the web, possibly with additional awareness promotion, to generate visitors and links.

    • Blog Post Writing (if appropriate)
    • Guest Post Creation/Submission
    • Press Release Creation/Submission
    • Infographic Creation/Submission
  • Video Marketing

After Google itself, YouTube is the most popular site on the web, ahead of the likes of Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. Videos should be a part of every serious online marketing initiative.

    • YouTube Channel Creation
    • Video Creation
    • Video Posting to (approx 10) video sites

There are, of course, many other link acquisition and promotional activities we can carry out, including:

    • Competitor Link Analysis, Submission, and Recommendations
    • Paid Industry Directories
    • Document Submission
    • Additional Marketing Recommendations

At the appropriate time, we will discuss these with you and make recommendations on the best additional SEO activities to provide maximum return on investment.

Monthly Reporting

As you would expect, we provide ongoing, monthly reports on everything, including tracking how well your website is ranking in search engines for the target keyword search terms, plus your visitors, where they’re from, and how they interact with your website.

  • Search Engine Rank Report
  • Analytics Report